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*** Mature Content; Strong Language; Strong Sexual Content***


“A fleeting weakness, a tenuous moment wrought of pain and remorse that I wanted burned into my skin, never to forget. Yet, when she touched me, it all vanished... like an evanescent ink.”

Drew Massey’s life is suddenly turned upside down. On the heels of a crippling breakup, he is determined to learn his lesson. Never trust. Never love. Never open up to that kind of pain again. In the midst of creating a permanent reminder of his vow, he is interrupted by the one person who has the power to heal his heart.

At first glance, Raven Pelletier exudes confidence and independence. She’s tough as nails and willing to help Drew put his demons to rest by offering him a delicious distraction with a no-strings-attached physical release of the persistent bitterness that remains.

Yet somehow, the need for her seeps through. The taste of her lingers. Everything about her teases and tempts him to go a little farther and get a little deeper. It drives his passion until he realizes the very thing that alleviates the ache may actually shred his soul in the end.

It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be temporary. It was never supposed to mean a thing… but the freedom from pain is so intoxicating, how can he ever let her go?


I freakin’ love the boys of the Bangin’ Mofos ~ Amazon review by Tonya Allen

"I can’t say it enough. I freakin’ love the boys of the Bangin’ Mofos. Each story has been unique, awesome, hot and steamy. I have laughed while reading each book, and this one is no different."

Get inked! ~ Amazon review by TammyVoiced

"Tattoos, steampunk, history, tequila, out in public sex, dark family history, friends, connections, bit of drama, what happens next, friendship and more are in this read!"

Sweet, Steamy, & Healing ~ Amazon review by Honolulubelle

"Ms. Matilde is a gifted wordsmith that had me smirking on one page and near tears on the next. She actually had this cold-hearted old cougar sobbing..."

Steampunk Sexy!! ~ Amazon review by Ashley Reader

"A story about love and dreams of living like a rockstar! Drew and Raven are sexy as hell together! Steampunk sexy!! I have to say Drew is my new favorite Mofo, especially with that Apadravya!!

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