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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, wankers! #kissmeimirish

Ok, I’m actually more English than Irish, but it is St. Patrick’s Day.

Today always reminds me of my favorite wanker, Denny. I loved writing Denny. Language fascinates me, and I loved learning about all the variations (felt like a lot, but was really just the tip of the iceberg) and colloquialisms and neat little things about gaelic lore. It was all so fascinating and hilarious and enlightening. Studying Irish history made me want to go back and explore Dublin all over again.

I also loved studying the Irish roots of Butte, America, one of the most fascinating places in Montana. It’s funny how I grew up an hour away from Butte. We used to go there to buy school clothes. I got carsick every time we drove over the twisty, winding Pipestone Pass to get there. At one point on that road, an old railroad trestle is visible in the distance. I remember heading home from Butte after seeing The Fox and the Hound when I was about 6 and being all like “OMG! That must be where Chief fell!”

But I also remember always hearing about Butte’s amazing Irish history. Butte is the Irish capital of Montana. The copper miners who built the “richest hill on earth” have left their mark, and the feisty attitude is almost palpable in the mountain air.

So, today I’m thinking of my favorite wanker, initially inspired by a scribble some stranger left in the Summer House of St. Stephen’s Green, while the Script’s Paint the Town Green plays on repeat in my head. 🍀

Actually, maybe I’ll play my Wild Irish Envy playlist on Spotify... 

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