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Getting down to 69

We all know music inspires me. Just look at my last post, amirite? Music 100% flat-out, hands down planted Jace in my head.

So I’ve been gearing myself up by listening to my Spotify playlist. Up ‘til now, it’s been called WIP, but this morning I officially renamed it…

Welcome to the music of The Naughty Pine.

Now I just gotta pare it down to 69 songs, always something I find difficult anyway. To make matters worse (well, better for life on earth as we know it really, but it will give me a heck of a dilemma as I pull songs from the playlist annnnd I'm a libra so decision-making is truly NOT my forte), Thirty Seconds to Mars is about to release a new album. That could potentially add another 15-20 songs to my list. Feckin' hell...

Ah well, I'll just chill and take a moment to appreciate the gloriousness that is Jared and all will be right with the world again... 😍🔥💦🤤

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