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"Don't pull back..."

So... remember Ronin? Did you ever get a chance to read a bit of his POV? A few years after I wrote this fucking fabulous man, I was approached by a blog to write his perspective of a steamy little scene... Hope you like it. ;)

~ Siby

Little Conversations (Alternate POV)

© 2013, Sibylla Matilde

"Don't pull back" teaser

Chapter 15 – Don’t Pull Back

Thank fucking god…

Ronin laughed at the TV as he took a sip of his beer, feeling damn near giddy at having Devin back here with him.

The last few days had been awful, her bitterness and anger over something shitty that Jake had done. She was a shell of the person she’d been before… before that night at the bar. Then last night had been a nightmare. It had finally broken when he let loose and lost his cool. The instant remorse he’d felt when he heard her cry. Her furious scream coming at him, the tussle in the shower, and then she was gone.

Joe drove Ronin’s truck as they looked for her frantically, combing the streets for any sign of her. Finally, he’d told Joe to leave him at Devin’s house. He curled up in the blanket he’d pulled from behind the pickup seat and waited… for hours. Then she finally appeared before him with the morning sun, so broken and shattered… her mind and body wracked with guilt and pain.

And even now, he still wasn’t truly sure what had happened, how they had gotten to the point where they were sitting here in his living room. All he knew was that the vibe he was getting from Devin was different now. Deeper. He thought of the breathy gasp she’d released when he had pulled her close in the store. She was fighting this pull, but the sweetness was back. The bitterness was gone. And she was here with him again. Everything seemed to be back in place.

Ronin felt her eyes studying him, focused on him instead of the movie. He glanced over to see an erotic intensity in her gaze. A slight tremble ran through her as their eyes met, and he was helpless to prevent the groan that emanated from deep in his chest.

“You okay, honey?” he huskily asked.

Devin lowered her gaze for a minute and then looked back up at him. “You were right,” she finally said in a softly sexy voice. Ronin froze. Where was she was going with this? He battled the urge to pull her into his arms. The urge to convince her that, yes, she wanted him. He waited for her to continue and, before long, she did. “Letting go, moving on—it means I have to accept that it’s really over with Jake. That I need to cut that last string; that last tie that keeps dragging me along. As long as I keep hoping he might want me back, this shit will never stop.” Devin took a deep breath and looked down. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “But it is really over,” she exhaled with a shaky breath as she looked back into his eyes. “I’m ready to let go.

Ronin’s breath caught and his gaze became intense. “Honey,” he said softly, “what is it you’re getting at?”

Devin reached for his beer bottle and set it, and hers, on the small table beside the couch. Biting her lip, she raised her eyes back to his. “I want… this.” She motioned between the two of them with a tremulous catch in her whisper. “You and me.”

Every muscle in his body tensed. His cock went completely rigid, immediately aching and throbbing with need. “You sure? Because I will stop if you ask me to,” he said quietly, clenching his eyes shut, and then opening them again to study her closely. Good, God, please… let this be real. “But, honey, it’s starting to take everything I have to pull back.”

For a second that seemed like an hour, Devin looked away from him. Her breathing sounded labored and shaky. Her breasts rose and fell with the effort, and he could almost taste her lips as her tongue darted out of her mouth nervously. She reached a hand out to rest on his knee, digging in slightly with her nails as though to gain purchase. Then her other hand reached across him, and she pushed his arms to his sides.

And suddenly she was straddling him, pressed against him with that delicious little body. That body that he’d almost possessed once. That soft, smooth skin. Her firm breasts pressing into his chest as her hips nudged into his groin. Oh, fuck… this was going to kill him.

“Don’t pull back,” she whispered a hair’s breadth from his lips. “I need this. I need…” Her voice broke as she touched her sweet lips to his. Ronin was stunned by the tenderness of her kiss, by the fierce emotion that tore through him. He swore he heard fucking angels singing. He was dreaming. He had to be. This was far from the first time his mind had concocted a sexy scenario with her.

But then he felt a faint brush of her tongue on his lips. He tipped his head, opening his mouth wide against her, coaxing her shy little tongue inside.

“You,” she exhaled into his mouth. “I need… you.”

Something broke inside him, and his hand caught into her hair, firmly tugging her closer to him. He wanted to merge their skin into one being, to morph into her soul. Devin moaned as her arms wound around his neck, gripping him tightly with her thighs.

She suddenly pulled back. Shit… Fucking hell. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck… No… His hand dropped back down to her hip. Get it together, Ronin. Don’t push her. She’ll be ready someday… You’ve just got to give her time.

And then… Holy fucking hell! Her shirt was gone. Just like that. Her bra… gone. There were those beautiful tits that he had dreamed about. He had never forgotten the taste of them. Their softness. The little mewling cries that left her throat as he had devoured her.

Every drop of blood in his body rushed straight to his dick. His entire body pulsed with a throbbing intensity, and his hands drifted to the smooth bare skin of her thighs, gripping her as though she might disappear.

“Please, don’t pull back,” she repeated softly, her voice quivering as her shaking fingers ran through his short hair before slipping to the buttons on his shirt. She had his chest bared in no time, pushing his shirt down behind him to bind his hands, with her hot little body pressed up against him.

God, she smelled beautiful. The warmth of her skin and the faint fresh-rain scent that followed her around. Every sense that existed in Ronin’s mind and body was set fire by her soft skin and her gr