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*** Mature Content; Strong Language; Strong Sexual Content***

“Life is like an easy little lick, a signature flourish of my drumsticks to make a song my own. Something I can do in my sleep. Effortless and smooth. No drama... until I met her.” 


Cody Driscoll cruises through life with a constant, steady beat. Mechanic by day, he’s the drummer for the Bangin’ Mofos at the Copperline Bar by night. Tearing it up on the drums provides an outlet, a release that soothes the stress of the world around him. 


But when the withdrawn and reticent Ilsa starts working at the Copperline, Cody catches a glimpse of something nobody else seems to see - a beautiful, tenuous heart. Someone to shelter and shield. Her loneliness strikes a chord that resonates through his soul, no matter how much she tries to push him away. 


As her past comes to light, the promise of their love unravels. Cody realizes the extent of her tangled and tumultuous fear. Her secrets test his conscience, and he stumbles, unsure how to make sense of his stubborn honor in a world that isn’t always black and white. 


The pulse of life can shift in the blink of an eye, and ugly fallout can bring a man to his knees. But can the lies that break him make him stronger?


Emotional but sweet, fun and addictive! ~ Amazon review by Jelena Bosh

"This was a little more darker read. It hit elements that aren't that well spoken for, or that people simply overlook so very easily... If only they saw. And Cody did. Sexy as hell Cody saw behind her smile."

One hot drummer ~ Amazon review by Bella's blog

"This series can be read as standalone ,but read each and every story is amazing, and is so hot they could melt the North Pole ,so read each and every one..."

heart warming and still scorching ~ Amazon review by Rachel Bound by Books

"So far, this was my favorite story. I think maybe because it was more personal...more secrets, just a deeper feeling story... the heat factor is still set at added on top of the extra angst and emotion? "

There were sweet tender moments that pulled on your heart strings ~ Amazon review by Scandalous Book Blog

"This was an emotional read for me, This couple were deeper and I connected with them on a different level."

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