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***** Mature Content, Sexual Situations, Adult Situations, Strong Language *****


She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. Pure class. Old money. I never stood a chance... until she broke up with her dickhead of a boyfriend and went off the rails.


Brannon Forrester doesn't expect much from life. He coasts through aimlessly. No real ties. Nothing to hold him back. Hanging out with his best friend, lead singer of a local bar band, he lives for pleasure, out of the spotlight but with all the excess of the band's small-town fame. After all, why should he be good when the only woman he really wants will never give him the time of day?


Then, one night at an after party, Sophie Buchanan walks through the door. In an attempt to throw caution to the wind and dream out loud, she looks to him as a guide to the wild side. As someone who can show her all the excitement and recklessness her world has been missing. He plunges her into a reality of fervent passion... and heartbreaking betrayal.

Their roles have been set. He has only ever been a good time. She has only ever been a pretty face. It would be insane for them to fall in love. But when emotion complicates lust, can the caution of the mind suppress the will of the heart?


Have to love a Naughty Bucket List! ~ Amazon review by Linda Miller

"Sibylla had me and chapter one! " Three Licetenous years Later " and I could not put this book down . Her books just keep getting better !"

Do or die ~ Amazon UK review by Ana Marimba

"I'm a fan of Sibylla, everybody knows that... What can I say... She did it again... But better and hotter and sexier ;) Damn this book was HOT HOT HOT...."

Absolute MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ Amazon review by Pam

"Read this just a few hours!! Best of Sibylla's books so far. You will fall in love with Brannon and Sophie!"

Get ready to be blown away ~ Amazon UK review by clarelouise

"Brannon and Sophie were not at all what i expected they were better, Sib did such a great job writing them that i couldn't not love them, I love her the other characters too."

Start of a fantastic new series :) ~ Amazon review by haunted one

"Not only will you love Brannon and Sophie....just wait to you meet the supporting characters. They will having you screaming for more :)"

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