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*** Mature Content; Strong Language; Sexual Content and BDSM ***

On the fourteenth anniversary of my first divorce, I went to a kink club.


Thirty-three and no clue who I was. What I wanted out of life. I only knew it was passing me by and I was tired.


Tired of surviving the day-to-day.


Tired of trying to forgive myself for two failed marriages.


Tired of being a single mother with no semblance of a social life, of bending over backwards to be a fitting role model for my teenage daughter.


That was, until I stepped foot in The Naughty Pine.


I didn’t plan to participate. I only went to appease the dark corners of my curiosity. To see something wild and taboo and full of life. Something sinful to shock the loneliness clean out of my system.


Don’t know what I expected, but it sure wasn’t him…

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